Vision and Mission

OCM's aim is to help his clients succeeding in their objectives, building up together a partnership based on experience, trust, and a best cost-benefit relationship.

We boasts a great obstinacy investing in the future: our structure is always getting better and stronger, in order to distingue ourself from the competitive intermational contest and so that we can be constantly economically and finantially stable.

We are able to adapt with extreme flessibility to the new exigences of the market, which are in a contiuous evolution; our organisation of work and technology gets better through the processes of innovation.

Our strength is concentrated on the clients' satisfaction, due to the confidence we build with respect, seriousness and diligence.

Vision mission


The meeting of the objectives is guaranteed by the synergy among all the staff members in the company strategies:
in this way we can keep up the high quality of our services and we are continuously researching improvements for our technologies.

All work is continuously monitored in its development by a head supervisor, backed by a dedicated team for a guaranteed objective completion.



The web-based applications installed on our servers can be used from any type of browser and increase the productivity and efficency; thanks to the utilisation of this innovative computer solutions for the events and associations menagement, OCM makes use of the outsourcing method.



OCM communications has concentrated its resources to the achievement of the ISO 9001 certification, which is planned to verify constantly the operative internal preocesses and to garantee a high quality level of the services.

We are continuously proving the efficiency of our organizational processes and satisfying the exigences and espectations of our staff and our clients, aiming at the following objectives:

  • internal work quality: as an opportunity of individual growth and satisfaction;
  • management quality: as a capacity to adapt to the market demands , both the public and the private one holding the right competitivness to assure the high occupational level and the social responsibilities;
  • The quality of the provided service, through the satisfaction of the Clients' exigences and expectations; the resourses, the structures and the actvities that we develop, will be later available for them.